Military Aircraft Services

In addition to commercial fleets, Delta TechOps supports several military projects covering domestic and foreign customers. Delta TechOps provides Engine/APU, Inventory and Component Repair support for fleets of aircraft common to the Delta fleet including 737NG, 757, and 767, under PBL programs.

Additionally, we can provide Complete Fleet™ Management Support through engine condition health monitoring, engine engineering, A/C fleet level, and liaison engineering. Our D.A.R.T. and on-site field service teams leverage Delta TechOps’ vast operational experience with an ever-expanding logistics support network. Delta TechOps is also a qualified repair center for components that need special processes such as Composite Repair, Avionics Checks, FPI, and HVOF Coating.

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The MRO Latin America Showcase will enable you to foster new relationships, strengthen existing ones, and expand your reach across the MRO community.

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