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Providing Reliable Engineering Services for Aircraft Maintenance

As a major commercial airline, we understand your functional requirements and provide a high quality output with the lowest possible cost per flight hour. Our expertise in aircraft maintenance and aircraft engineering support services allows us to:

  • Minimize your airline turn time
  • Limit the need for aircraft engine spares
  • Reduce your overall aviation maintenance costs

We offer unparalleled aircraft engineering flexibility to meet your aviation maintenance needs worldwide. As we service global airline providers we strive to repair, replace and re-manufacture to the highest standards in the business.

Aircraft Engineering with Expert MRO Solutions

As a full-service MRO provider, Delta TechOps delivers a full range of aircraft engineering services to support both operational and maintenance requirements for Delta Air Lines and our MRO customer fleets.

Dedicated Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Team

Our total aircraft engineering staffing level maintains a consistent level of approximately 400+ engineers spread among fleet types and business units. They provide a vast array of services 24 hours a day including aircraft inspection, engineering support, aircraft engine repair, aircraft instruments repair, aircraft engine overhaul, aircraft electronics repair and much more.

Aircraft Engineering Service Divisions

  • Fleet Engineering
  • Operations Support Engineering
  • Operational Reliability Teams (Reliability Engineering)

The different aircraft engineering service divisions are responsible for Engineering, Planning and Quality, for the overall Safety Administration and Operation of all departments and the performance of the organization.

Aircraft Engineering Support Services and Responsibilities

  • Provide Aircraft Engineering Authorization for alterations, repairs and inspections on aircraft engine, aircraft and aircraft components
  • Provide engineering support to all aircraft engine, component and hangar shops
  • Provide 24-hour aircraft engineering support for all aviation maintenance needs
  • Provide Reliability Engineering, author Engineering Authorizations (EA) to accomplish Service Bulletins, FAA Airworthiness Directives and reliability improvements to aircraft and aircraft components
  • Provide MRO engineering support to other departments within Delta TechOps regarding modification projects
  • Provide Parts Manufacturer Approval PMA Engineering – FAA-PMA Approval and Service Evaluations
  • Develop and approve major aircraft repairs and alterations through internal Designated Engineering Representatives (FAA-DER) or Organization Designation Authorization (FAA-ODA) resources
  • Design Aircraft Maintenance Programs, authoring tasks required to ensure the continuing airworthiness of aircraft, including any one or combination of overhaul, inspection, replacement, defect rectification, and the embodiment of an alteration or repair
  • Authoring and administration of all technical manuals publications and procedures
  • Support Delta TechOps’ emergency response and long-term mechanical performance monitoring program via representation of the department on the Technical Operations Executive Committee (TOEC)

Fleet Engineering

  • Fleet Management Engineering - Provide fleet-specific aircraft engineering support primarily on the aircraft systems and structures. And is comprised of the Aircraft Systems, Structures, and Avionics Engineering groups.
  • Fleet propulsion Engineering – Responsible for managing the configuration of Delta’s or the aircraft MRO customer’s fleet, setting the maintenance specification for the fleet, and handling on-wing engine issues.
  • Workscope Engineering – Responsible for shop support, workscope development for both Delta and MRO customer fleets, and shop visit management. This group is also responsible for the development and management of the Delta TechOps Workscope Planning Guide (WPG) for all aircraft engine lines that DTO supports. This engineering process is used on Delta engines as well as MRO customers.
  • Interiors Engineering is charged with Cabin and Interiors Systems design and certification as well as aircraft painting and livery management.

Operations Support Engineering

  • Liaison Engineering – Comprised of the Aircraft Systems and Aircraft Structures Engineering groups, responsible for 24x7 support of all in-service aircraft. Initial contact for all in-service aircraft issues and primary contact for all structural issues.  Also provides MRO engineering support for all aircraft maintenance visits for Delta TechOps worldwide and provides engineering oversight for all external maintenance visits.
  • Technical Services – Responsible for Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM), also referred to as Engine Health Monitoring and on-wing trouble shooting of the fleet’s engines. Additionally, the group is responsible for troubleshooting expertise and active solution development for in service aircraft system and avionics issues. In addition to supporting the Delta fleet, this group provides support for customers who have contracted with Delta TechOps
  • Repair and Process Engineering (RPE) – Provide direct engineering support for all aircraft engine repair and support shops. Provide engineering dispositions for all engine hardware with discrepancies not covered by the OEM manuals. Develop innovative repairs and process improvements to reduce aircraft maintenance costs, improve shop turn times, and improve on engine performance. Directly interact with OEM engineering sources to resolve and document emerging support issues.
  • Engine Technologies and Repair Development (ETRD) – Provides advanced MRO engineering design and analysis to support complex aircraft engine repair development to reduce maintenance costs while maintaining excellent reliability. Provide advanced material and statistical analysis to various engineering departments supporting all Delta and MRO customer engines. Additionally, provide advanced failure analysis (including detailed metallurgical and fatigue analysis).
  • Component Engineering – Provides direct engineering support for all component shops (aircraft components, structural components including composites, avionics, landing gear, etc.). Provide engineering dispositions for all component hardware with discrepancies not covered by the OEM manuals. Develop innovative repairs and alterations to reduce aircraft maintenance service costs, improve shop turn times, and improve on-wing performance.  Directly interact with OEM engineering sources to resolve and document emerging support issues.
  • Enabling Technologies – Responsible for monitoring industry, evaluating, and incorporating new, value added technologies into Delta TechOps.  Responsible for the development, oversight, and quality of all processes utilized by aircraft maintenance services within Delta TechOps. Develop process improvements to improve quality and reduce costs across all lines of maintenance.

Operational Reliability Teams (ORT)

  • The Engineering Operational Reliability Teams (ORT) serve as the strategic extension of the other engineering teams and support the Reliability Control Board by working issues or concerns at the highest technical level with experts on the subject matter such as Engine ORT, Airframe Specific ORT, or ETOPS Reliability

Professional Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Services 24 Hours a Day

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