PW4000-94 Engine

MRO Solutions for PW4000 Commercial Aircraft Engines

Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 94-inch fan model is the first in a family of high-thrust aircraft engines. With thrust ranging from 52,000 to 62,000 pounds, it powers the Airbus A310-300 and A300-600 aircraft, Boeing 747-400, 767-200/300 and MD-11 aircraft. There have been over 2,150 engines produced, which are providing dependable power for airlines around the world.

Pratt & Whitney Commercial Aircraft Engines - PW4000-94 Engine Profile

  • High by-pass turbofan
  • Dual Digital control unit (EEC)
  • Two spool high bypass ratio turbofan
  • ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operations) approved

PW4000-94 Aircraft Engine Technical Specifications

Max. thrust 275.8 kN
Bypass ratio 5:1
Pressure ratio 32.3:1:1
Length 3901 mm
Diameter 2386 mm
Weight 4341 kg

Delta TechOps Aircraft Engine Overhaul Capabilities
We provide Aircraft Engine Maintenance Services for the Following Pratt & Whitney PW4000-94 Commercial Engines:


Delta TechOps Commercial Engine Maintenance Services

Delta TechOps PW4000-94 – MRO Service Experience

  • MRO solutions & services since 1990
  • Over 80 average annual aircraft engine overhaul shop visits
  • Aircraft engine overhaul services for PW4052, PW4056, PW4060, PW4062, PW4062A, PW4152, PW4156A, PW4156, PW4158, PW4460, & PW4462
  • Average overhaul turnaround times 70 days (individual TAT varies by work scope and terms)

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PW4000-94 Engine


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