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Delta TechOps Develops Innovative Structural Health Monitoring Application

Aviation Week & Space Technology - MRO Edition - November 03, 2014
Delta TechOps is working on an innovative approach to airframe structural health monitoring (SHM) using embedded comparative vacuum monitoring (CVM) sensors to detect the formation of cracks in critical load-bearing structures. Alex Melton, Delta TechOps nondestructive testing (NDT) program manager, points out that the goal is to integrate structural health monitoring into the regulatory framework so that the industry can use it. “SHM is the next level of NDT,” says Melton. “Using the sensors enables a fair amount of access to structures on the aircraft that are generally very difficult to access for a time-consuming, visual inspection,” he notes. “They will also eliminate the potential collateral damage risks, due to human factors, during an airframe inspection.”
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Delta TechOps: Behind The Seven Story Tall Hangar Doors - July 29, 2014
Delta TechOps is the largest airline maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider in North America. Everyday, more than 9,000 Technical Operations employees come together to maintain Delta’s fleet and more than 150 other aviation and airline customers worldwide. The Delta Technical Operations Center (TOC) Jet Base was opened on June 21, 1960. At the time, Delta only had 79 aircraft in its fleet, and it had more than 1,600 employees technical operation employees. As Delta’s fleet grew, the base continued to grow. In 1968, it grew to 16 acres, and in 1972, TechOps more than doubled its size to 36 acres. 1983 was a big year for TechOps which is opened up to offer its services to other airlines. Until this time, it worked exclusively on Delta’s mainline fleet.
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Airlines Profiting From Preventative Maintenance

Airlines Profiting From Preventative Maintenance - February 17, 2014
It is clear that preventive maintenance can bring reliability and predictability to a fleet, but can it position a diligent carrier above the mean? Delta Air Lines is testing—and perhaps proving—the hypothesis. Delta's strategy of investing in older aircraft in lieu of buying only new ones is no secret. Among the big four U.S. carriers, Delta has the second-largest mainline fleet but the smallest order backlog, at 175. Southwest Airlines, with 310, is next-smallest. Delta is swapping maintenance honeymoons for substantial investments in spares, logistics and its Tech Ops maintenance unit as a whole. The carrier has purchased aircraft not to fly, but to break up for parts, for instance. “With a mature fleet, you have a lot of opportunity from a structural cost standpoint, because of the surplus market, to really take advantage of where those fleets are in terms of that maturity curve, and really aggressively manage and control your maintenance, material and repair costs,” says Steve Gorman, Delta's chief operating officer.
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Delta Balancing Older Aircraft, Maintenance Costs

Aviation Week - AWIN First - January 22, 2014
A sharp rise in fourth-quarter maintenance costs didn’t keep Delta Air Lines from reducing full year-over-year maintenance expenses, despite growing its fleet—a notable achievement for a carrier that minimizes new aircraft expenditures in favor of squeezing the most out of its older airframes. Delta’s fourth-quarter maintenance expenses grew 18% to $415 million, a jump that executives tie to a higher percentage of scheduled airframe heavy checks in an otherwise routine quarter. The annual results bear this out: despite ending the year with 26 more mainline aircraft—or 743 total—Delta’s full-year 2013 maintenance costs fell 5% to $1.85 billion, and executives see little change in 2014.
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Full speed ahead - Delta TechOps moves in a new direction

MRO Management - Volume 15, September 2013 - August 28, 2013
The long-term plan for Delta TechOps is to become a one stop shop, operating as a third-party MRO provider instead of primarily looking after the parent airline, says Peter Turner, Vice President, Business Development and MRO. Appointed last year from Rolls-Royce North America, Turner brought with him considerable experience of the Total Care engine support programme...
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MROAM: Delta TechOps to add CF34-8 capability - Flight Global

Flightglobal - April 18, 2013
Delta TechOps will start offering GE CF34-8 engine overhaul capabilities, says Richard Anderson, chief executive of Delta Air Lines at the MRO Americas conference in Atlanta. "We've made the decision, and we're in the process of bringing it in-house," ...
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TechOps Helps Delta Contain Costs, Anderson Says

Aviation Week - AWIN Firs - April 17, 2013
Delta TechOps, long acknowledged as a key part of parent Delta’s vast revenue diversification strategy, plays an equally important role in helping the airline keep costs down, airline CEO Richard Anderson emphasizes. Speaking at MRO Americas in the shadow of the carrier’s Atlanta headquarters, Anderson revealed that the airline’s engine MRO prowess means the carrier’s pool of spare engines totals just 5% of its on-wing fleet — about half of what an engine OEM recommends. The spares pool includes ready-to-deploy spares plus engines being repaired. Such efficiencies — available to TechOps engine customers as well...
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Delta TechOps Eyes Future Growth - Company Profile

AviTrader MRO - January 2013 (PDF, page 19) - January 24, 2013
Since joining Delta TechOps in December 2012 as vice president, Business Development and MRO, Englishman Peter Turner has set his sights high. “We’re planning to expand our global footprint,” says Turner, mentioning Asia as a strong candidate for future growth. Delta already collaborates with partners in the continent, but has no physical MRO facilities there so far. “Delta is recognised throughout the industry as a significant brand. We’re the technical operation for one of the largest groups in the aviation world – we keep Delta flying...
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Delta TechOps Invests In New MRO Technology For Engines

Aviation Daily - August 02, 2012
Delta Air Lines’ Technical Operations (TechOps) maintenance arm is pushing a raft of new engine overhaul and repair technology as part of efforts to cut costs and boost revenue. “There is a consistent tug and pull between users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) these days, and airlines like Delta are investing in the ability to do more of this [sophisticated engine inspection and repair] on their own,” says David Garrison, Delta TechOps engine and component maintenance managing director. ...
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Watch Video Case Studies from Realization's Project Flow

AVIATION WEEK'S aftermarket blog - February 27, 2012
Project management firm Realization has posted video presentations from its Project Flow 2011 conference in Nov. For those of you interested in commercial MRO, check out [...] Delta TechOps' John Laughter talk about reducing cancellations from 2010-2011 for both base and line maintenance. ...
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