Delta TechOps Expands Service Coverage of GE CF6 Engines

ATLANTA, April 4, 2014—Delta TechOps has added five variants of the CF6-80C2 jet engine to its list of large aircraft engines eligible for MRO services. The additional two-shaft variants of the turbofan engine power the Airbus A300 and A310 fleets.

“We’ve already serviced Boeing CF6 variants for decades now. This is just another step in our ongoing initiative to provide comprehensive service coverage and expand our offerings to our clients,” said Peter Turner, Vice President of Delta TechOps MRO Services.

Developed by General Electric, the CF6-80C2 turbofan engine is popular for its power and reliability on large Boeing and Airbus aircraft. The following A300 and A310 variants were added to the Delta TechOps portfolio:


“It’s a natural extension of our services for the CF6-80C2 family,” said Turner. “Delta TechOps has vast operator experience in this field, serving an airline with large a fleet of CF6-80C2 engines. Now operators of the A300 and A310 with these CF6 variants have the option to rely on Delta’s vast airline and MRO experience.”

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