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Delta TechOps MRO Establishes New Jet Engine Hospital Shop

ATLANTA, April 13, 2015— Delta TechOps—Delta Air Lines’ (NYSE: DAL) maintenance division and its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider business—announced today the establishment of a dedicated Aircraft Engine Hospital Shop that will specialize in strategic aircraft engine repairs requiring limited engine intrusion.

This dedicated, ISO 9000-certified Hospital Shop will specialize in shorter-visit aircraft engine maintenance spanning from as little as one day to ten. This new addition is also expected to reduce turn times across Delta TechOps’ other aircraft engine services, including overhauls, as this special line less-intrusive aircraft engine maintenance will not fall into other engine work queues. Moreover, the new structure includes a specialized team for engine field maintenance.

“Delta TechOps has the distinction of providing the maintenance bedrock for arguably the most reliable operation of any global carrier – Delta Air Lines,” said Jack Arehart, President - Delta TechOps MRO. “No other aircraft maintenance organization can offer the operational expertise and quality of work like our people and we look forward to adding this to our compelling value proposition.”

The dedicated shop for engine hospital visits specializes in aircraft engine maintenance in the following models:

Dedicated technicians, with U.S. FAA and EU EASA certification, will offer the following services in its new Hospital Shop, already available at Delta TechOps:

  • Zero checks
  • Boroscope blend repairs
  • Top Case HPC Blade and shroud replacements
  • Gearbox changes and repairs
  • Turbine Rear Frame repairs
  • Accessory Drive Module replacements
  • Fan disc and case changes
  • Booster changes
  • MGB changes
  • Fuel nozzle changes
  • Engine conversions, PW2037/2040, PW4056/4060

About Delta TechOps

Delta TechOps is the largest airline maintenance, repair and overhaul provider in North America. Its customers laud its reputation for high-quality service and cost management. In addition to supplying maintenance and engineering support for Delta’s fleet of more than 750 aircraft, Delta TechOps serves more than 150 other aviation and airline customers around the world. The organization specializes in high-skill work such as engines, components, hangar and line maintenance. Delta TechOps employs more than 9,600 maintenance professionals and is one of the world’s most-experienced providers with more than 70 years of aviation experience. More about Delta TechOps is available at Get connected with Delta TechOps on LinkedIn /delta-techops, Twitter / DeltaTechOps, Facebook / DeltaTechOps, and GooglePlus /+DeltaTechOps.



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