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Delta TechOps offers contracts of any size, from repairing individual components to maintaining an entire fleet. We’re flexible and can tailor a mix of any of the following pricing structures to meet your needs. If you need more information, please contact us.

Time and Material Contracts
These are agreements where the customer is charged for a specific maintenance visit based on actual labor and material. This type of arrangement provides:

  • A high level of customer interaction in determining work scope
  • The ability to use customer-furnished parts
  • The most detailed billing available to gain visibility into costs and potential reliability issues

Maintenance per Flight Hour/Cycle Contracts
Customers who choose this contract type are invoiced by a predetermined rate per flight hour. The benefits for this type of arrangement include:

  • Fixed price to provide predictable maintenance costs
  • Reduction in financial risk

Fixed Pricing Contracts
Under this type of contract, all aspects of an overhaul are covered under one fixed price.

Leasing Arrangements
We provide a wide array of products with a variety of financing options.

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